During Your Visit

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Resources in the Hospital

To assist you during your stay, you and your friends and family have many resources available to make your visit at the Medical Center more comfortable.

Patient Resource Center

The Patient Resource Center offers health education, local hotel information, and general information on hospital resources. The Center also has three computer workstations available for patients and families as well business services, such copying and faxing. Requests for health information can be made to the Center staff and visitors are able to use a large library of health promotion information. The Patient Resource Center is located on the first floor of the Weinberg Building and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 5 pm.


CaringBridge is an online website where you can connect, share news, and receive support. It’s your very own health social network, coming together on your personalized website. It is available 24/7 to anyone, anywhere, at no cost. For assistance in creating a CaringBridge site, Patient Resource Center staff are available to assist patients and families.

We offer:

  • CaringBridge Sites
    Our personal, protected sites make it easy to stay connected during any type of health event. Family and friends can visit the site to stay informed and leave supportive messages.
  • SupportPlanner
    Our SupportPlanner is a calendar that helps family and friends coordinate care and organize helpful tasks, like bringing a meal, offering rides, taking care of pets and other needs.

Log on CaringBridge at: http://www.caringbridge.org

Pastoral Care/Faith/Spiritual Resources

During times of stress or uncertainty, many people find talking things over with a chaplain helpful. Pastoral Care Services at the University of Maryland Medical Center are available 24 hours a day for you and your family.

Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services provides free medical interpretation to patients of the Medical Center and clinics on 16 S. Eutaw Street, 29 S. Greene Street, 701 W. Pratt Street, and 725 W. Lombard Street.

Our services include:

  • Onsite Interpretation (sign/spoken language) available 24/7
  • Staff Spanish Interpreters available 7am - 6:30pm
  • Telephonic Interpretation with access to over 170 languages, accessible 24/7. A blue, dual handset phone will be placed in your room during your admission for communication with your provider. Your provider is also able to connect with an interpreter from any phone.
  • Video Remote Interpreting (VRI provided by Deaf Talk) for sign language interpretation on demand.

All of our interpreters, onsite, telephonic, and video remote, are qualified medical interpreters who are compliant with HIPAA.  To request an interpreter during your visit, please contact your nurse or care provider.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours vary from unit to unit. Your nurse will tell you the hours for your area. It is important for your care and the care of others on the unit to have no more than two visitors at any given time. Please check with your nurse for special visiting requests. The staff will try to accommodate your needs while giving priority to your well being and safety. Visitors must check in at the information desk in either the Main Lobby or Gudelsky Lobby and get a pass or wristband. In most areas, visitors must be at least 12 years old.

Every patient (or their family spokesperson) has the ability to appoint a "Designated Support Person" (DSP) who is able to provide emotional support to the patient. This person can be alternated per the patient's wishes. The DSP does NOT have to be the family spokesperson or the patient's surrogate. The DSP can have access to the patent 24/7 unless the care team determines it is against the patient's best interest or if it interferes with the care of the patient. Please work with your care team to establish this routine.

The Medical Center ensures that all visitors enjoy full and equal visitation privileges consistent with patient preferences and protection of the health and safety of patients, staff and visitors. The Medical Center does not restrict or deny visitation based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, or disability.


M&T Bank has a full-service branch/ATM located on the 1st floor Atrium. A Bank of America ATM is also available on the 1st floor corridor between the North and South Hospital.


A mail box is located on the first floor next to the Gift Shop. For a full-service post office, the main post office for Baltimore is located at:

900 E. Fayette St.
Baltimore, MD 21233


Free WiFi

The University of Maryland Medical Center offers free WiFi service for use by patients and visitors.


A UPS store is located nearby inside the Baltimore Hilton Hotel at:

410 W. Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 21201


Other Useful Resources:

Call Patient Resource Center at 410-328-9355, and see how we can help you today!