Training Verifications

TRAINING VERIFICATION SERVICE is provided by Medical Staff

The Department of Medical Staff Services provides on-line verification of resident/fellow training at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC). This website is only able to verify dates of residency/fellowship training. For specific inquiries regarding clinical or technical skills, character, professional conduct or educational background, please direct your inquiries to the appropriate Department.

This verification is provided for use in the credentials verification process by other healthcare facilities. It is not intended to be used by patients or other visitors for information on UMMC-trained physicians.

Please click the following link: TRAINING VERIFICATION

If you need further assistance, please contact Christine Drinks in the Medical Staff office, 410-328-2902.


To ensure the most expeditions handling of your future verification requests for the University of Maryland Medical System and the University of Maryland at Baltimore, please refer to the following address listing. This will ensure that your request is sent directly to the correct department. If you require the address for a specific department or physician, please phone the University Operator at 410-328-8667.


Staff Affiliation, Residency, Internship, or Fellowship Online

University of Maryland Medical System

Medical Staff Services

110 S. Paca Street, 8th Floor

Baltimore, MD 21201


FAX: 410.328.6433


Medical Malpractice Insurance

Maryland Medical

Comprehensive Insurance Program

Office of Risk Management

11 S. Paca Street, Suite 400

Baltimore, MD 21201


***Please send all requests for claims histories and certificates of insurance to



Faculty Appointments

UMAB School of Medicine

Office of Academic Administration

655 W. Baltimore Street, Room 14-008

Baltimore, MD 21201

Attn: Mary Jo Pohlner 410.706.7008  OR

David Ingle 410.706.7476

FAX: 410.706.2656


Medical School Degree            

UMAB School of Medicine

Office of Student and Minority Affairs

655 W. Baltimore Street, Room M-004

Baltimore, MD 21201

410.706.7480 OR 410.706.7476

FAX: 410.706.8311         


Dental School Degree

UMAB Dental School

666 W. Baltimore Street, Room 4A-11

Baltimore, MD 21201

Attn: Theresa Pate



Nursing School Degree

UMAB School of Nursing

655 W. Lombard Street

Baltimore, MD 21201

Attn: Registrar's Office

410.706.2799 OR 410.706.6109


Social Work Degree

UMAB School of Social Work

525 W. Redwood Street

Baltimore, MD 21201

Attn: Dean Gold's Office

410.706.7922 OR 410.706.7794


Pharmacy Degree

UMAB School of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Hall

20 N. Pine Street, Room 730

Baltimore, MD 21201

Attn: Dr. Jill A. Morgan