The Fetal Heart Program at The University of Maryland Medical Center is made up of a healthcare team that provides detailed evaluation, counseling and treatment for fetal heart conditions that may occur during pregnancy. 

Heart problems in a developing baby may involve abnormal formation of the heart (congenital heart disease) or abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias). Sometimes, genetic disorders or chromosome conditions in the baby can lead to heart problems. Other times, health conditions in a mother, medications and other exposures may cause heart conditions in the baby. In many cases, we do not know why the heart forms abnormally.

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Patient Stories

Maddison's Heart Beating Strong After Treatment for Truncus Arteriosus

Rakita Ames was 22 weeks pregnant when she learned her baby had a congenital heart defect. Once she was born, baby Maddison needed open heart surgery to correct her condition.

Rakita's and Maddison's Story

Contact Us

For more information about the fetal heart program and services please contact the Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Kim Greve, RN at: 410-328-3865

If you referred a patient for a fetal echocardiogram and require a copy of the results please contact the Center for Advanced Fetal Care: 410-328-3865

If you are a patient or provider and have questions for the physicians, please contact:

Shifa Turan, MD (CAFC)

Christopher Harman, MD (CAFC)

Alicia Chaves, MD
(pediatric cardiology)

Sunjay Kaushal, PhD, MD
(pediatric cardiac surgery)

For additional information, or to make an appointment, please contact the center for Advanced Fetal Care at 410-328-3865.